The gently foaming, invigorating mousse with moisture boost cleanses the skin deep down and leaves it feeling relaxed without stress or feelings of tightness. Use HUILE NETTOYANTE PHYTO CELLULAIRE beforehand for deep-cleansing.

In the second cleansing step in the evening or as the sole cleanse in the morning, MOUSSE NETTOYANTE PHYTO CELLULAIRE refreshes your skin with a foamy lightness while also treating it to deep-down cleansing and providing moisture that lasts for up to 72 hours. The rich foam calms and soothes the skin, beguiling it with fresh accents, and preventing inflammation from everyday stresses. The gentle formulation means that the delicate, creamy foam can be used for any skin condition at any stage of life.


After using HUILE NETTOYANTE PHYTO CELLULAIRE lather a pearl-sized amount of MOUSSE NETTOYANTE PHYTO CELLULAIRE in the palms of your hands and enjoy the feeling of pure, delicate freshness with every moment spent cleansing your face. You can also include the neck and décolleté in your cleansing pleasure. Massage gently in order to activate the encapsulated hyaluronic acid.

Then refresh the skin with plenty of water, or use a soft cosmetic tissue to remove any remaining foam.

After the night’s rest, MOUSSE NETTOYANTE PHYTO CELLULAIRE also refreshes and clarifies your skin as a solo application, preparing it for a relaxed day.


Encapsulated hyaluronic acid

Skin-identical carbohydrate complex

Provitamin B5

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