ÉMULSION Phyto Cellulaire

The gentle, intensively moisturising care emulsion noticeably reduces pore visibility, and leaves all skin types with a silky-mat complexion.


The elegance of the fragrances mysteriously envelops your aura, while the delicate and soft texture of ÉMULSION PHYTO CELLULAIRE pleasurably pampers the skin with the lightness of an emulsion and the intensity of our exquisite active ingredient mix that adapts to the here and now of your own personal skin requirements at any age.

Let that first smile be coaxed out of you in the morning with this exclusive emulsion, and end your day completely released from all its impressions, which now belong to the past.


Treat yourself to the experience of perfectly prepared skin that, after our cleansing ritual with ESSENCE PHYTO CELLULAIRE, is ready to enjoy the wonderfully light texture of ÉMULSION PHYTO CELLULAIRE. Use about a hazelnut- sized amount of the emulsion to generously pamper the face, neck and d collet .

Then envelop your skin in a protective cocoon of ÉMULSION PROTECTRICE PHYTO CELLULAIRE for the day in order to protect it from harmful environmental and radiation influences.


Cell Conductor Complex®

Extract from the bark of Enantia chlorantha

Plant flavonoids of Maclura cochinchinensis

Skin-identical carbohydrate complex

Shea Butter

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