CURE LUNE Phyto Cellulaire

The balancing intensive treatment stays with and works its magic on the skin over an entire lunar cycle. During sleep it smooths the skin texture, revitalises and restructures for a relaxed, youthful appearance in the morning.

Just as the phases of the moon guide the ebb and flow of the tide, so too do they influence the rhythm of our body and our well-being. Greet the moon with CURE LUNE PHYTO CELLULAIRE and pamper your skin with our intensive treatment that will accompany you through a lunar cycle. Your skin recuperates and renews while you rest overnight, ready for a relaxed awakening in the morning.


Prepare yourself and your skin with our extensive cleaning ritual, and set the mood for a relaxed and restful night’s rest with ESSENCE PHYTO CELLULAIRE. Now apply CURE LUNE PHYTO CELLULAIRE to the face, neck and décolleté and enjoy a brief massage with QUARZ ROSE MASSAGE GUA SHA. Then treat your skin to the care texture it desires.

Did you know that the new moon is the phase of the moon when you can create something new and start something positive? Why not try starting your CURE LUNE PHYTO CELLULAIRE at exactly this phase of the moon.


The perfection of any application lies in the skilful activation of the skin. Our balanced massage with QUARZ ROSE MASSAGE GUA SHA soothes daily efforts, loosens the tissue fasciae and activates microcirculation for maximum care enjoyment and an enhanced effect of each subsequent product.

1. Gently stroke over the entire forehead with the wavy side of the Quarz Rose Massage Gua Sha. Start at the root of the nose and work out towards the hairline.

2. Use the rounded tip to specifically massage the areas of the forehead that are prone to expression lines in small circular movements.

3. Then stroke over the eyebrows in the direction of growth with the wavy side of the massage stone.

4. Massage the temple with the tip of the stone, working in circles on a particular spot.

5. Now stroke with the arched part of the massage stone over the cheek area, starting at the tip of the chin and working towards the temple.

6. Turn the stone and stroke over the cheek area with the wavy side.

7. Lift your chin slightly and move the arched part of the massage stone over the area between the chin and throat. The tip of the stone should be directed downwards.

8. To finish, treat yourself to a relaxing neck massage with the wavy side of the Quarz Rose Massage Gua Sha, stroking gently up and down.


Cell Conductor Complex®

Extract of the Persian silk tree

Extract of paracress

Moonstone extract

Skin-identical carbohydrate complex

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