CRÈME YEUX Phyto Cellulaire

The pampering, pleasantly soft eye cream reduces fine lines and wrinkles in the eye area, and reduces puffiness and dark shadows around the eyes. Thanks to the special light diffusion, the eye area already looks visibly smoother, soft and even on application.

CRÈME YEUX PHYTO CELLULAIRE promises an ageless, radiant and relaxed eye area. Delightfully soft, irresistibly feminine and highly effective, it pampers this very special part of our face that instantly reflects all our emotions.


After the preparatory cleansing ritual, apply ESSENCE PHYTO CELLULAIRE as far as the delicate eye area and gently massage it in. Then apply a few drops of SÉRUM YEUX PHYTO CELLULAIRE to any areas with particularly pronounced expression lines before pampering yourself and your eye area with CRÈME YEUX PHYTO CELLULAIRE.

Treat yourself to the soothing activation with the mas- sage ball of our spatula, which noticeably relaxes the facial expression and stimulates the microcirculation. For a balanced youthful radiance in every moment.


Cell Conductor Complex®

Sigesbeckia orientalis & Albizia

julibrissin extract Coenzyme Q10

Soft-focus pigment

Skin-identical carbohydrate complex

Vitamin E

Shea Butter

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