cell conductor complex® – globally exclusive & highly effective anti-ageing complex

Conducts the beauty processes in your skin exactly where skin ageing begins – in the pores of the cell nucleus – our beauty vault.

The luxurious skincare brand SOPHIE’S GARDEN combines traditional values with the most innovative research and, together with Swiss biotechnology specialists, developed the key formula Cell Conductor Complex®. This is based on Funarine, an active ingredient sustainably obtained from million-year-old Swiss high-alpine moss. Thanks to the power of Funarine, the SOPHIE’S GARDEN skincare products manage to exert a positive effect on the skin’s beauty processes one step earlier and start working

where skin ageing begins – in the pores of the cell nucleus. Funarine succeeds in keeping these free of deposits in a new way and activating the flow of information in our cells. The selected combination with synergistic components such as marine fucoidan (brown algae), encapsulated Swiss spring water, organic lavender concentrate and rose extracts results in the globally exclusive and highly effective Cell Conductor Complex®.